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How it Works

What exactly is cellulite?

celluliteCellulite is more than fat. You may have noticed that even if you lose weight, your skin still has that unattractive dimpled appearance. Cellulite is a combination of fat and fibrous tissues. That’s why getting rid of cellulite isn’t as simple as getting rid of fat. Lipo Contour works on the fat and the fibrous tissues to create a smoother, sleeker look.

How Does Lipo Contour work?

The fabric of Lipo Contour was originally used for compression and support following surgery.  Observations in clinical cases showed that the fabric also had the added benefit of reducing body circumference and the appearance of cellulite. How?  Expensive anti-cellulite treatments use a combination of massage and heat to break down the cellulite. That’s exactly what Lipo Contour does. The special patented double-layered fabric uses your body heat and close contact with the surface of your skin to give you an all-day thermal micro-massage. This massaging action increases blood circulation, helps rid the body of toxins, and breaks down the composition of fatty cellulite.

Lipo Contour is great for:

• Reducing the circumference of hips, thighs, abdomen
• Reducing the appearance of cellulite
• Post-liposuction support
• Post-pregnancy support

With Lipo Contour, you can lose that “cottage cheese” look, lose inches, and feel better about your body and your appearance.

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